Hey, didn’t you used to be Tom DeLay?

I think the fact that this story about where Tom DeLay is now is front-page material is proof that we’re in a slow news cycle. I mean, it’s always nice to be re-acquainted with old friends and all, but there really wasn’t much to the story substance-wise. Once you get past the usual DeLay bluster and the back and forth between his adversaries and his former staffers over his relevance, the main bit of news in the story appears to be this:

DeLay also co-founded a new conservative grass-roots organization last year, which he hopes can come to rival the influence of liberal groups like MoveOn.org. His group, the Coalition for a Conservative Majority, DeLay told the Houston Chronicle, is “a statement of where the conservatives are.”


As for the Coalition for a Conservative Majority, DeLay is working with chairman Ken Blackwell, a former Ohio secretary of state, to establish chapters of conservative leaders and members in all 50 states, focusing on nine media markets including Houston.

With annual dues of $52, the organization aims to coordinate and direct a range of grass-roots action: phone and e-mail campaigns, letters to the editor, blogs, and meeting requests with members of Congress.

Housed in a brick row house about 10 blocks from the Capitol, along with DeLay’s First Principles firm, according to a sign next to the door, the group employs three full-time staff members, an executive director and consultants, spokeswoman Flaherty said. She did not provide details on the board, staff or the number of paid members.

Okay, so DeLay has been working on the conservatives’ answer to MoveOn for a year. They have grand plans to do stuff in all fifty states and in various media markets, including right here. They’re gonna be Big Players, they’re gonna Make Lots Of Noise, and they’re gonna Get The Conservative Message Out There whether you like it or not.

And they won’t tell us a thing about how far along they are towards accomplishing any of their goals. They won’t tell us who’s on their board, or even how many actual members they have. Which actually tells us quite a bit about where they are and how they’re doing, I think.

Whatever. I look forward to the next update on this story in another year or so, or whenever the criminal case against DeLay finally makes it to the courtroom. Maybe they’ll be willing to share some of that information by then. In the meantime, dream big, Tom.

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