Farmers Branch prepares to waste more money

It sure must be nice to have all these taxpayer dollars to spend on such frivolities.

[Farmers Branch] plans to appeal a court ruling against its ordinance, which would prevent landlords from renting houses or apartments to illegal immigrants — and it hopes to serve as an example to other communities trying to deal with illegal immigration.

“Farmers Branch is a town of law and order … a patriotic, American-loving town,” Mayor Tim O’Hare said. “I think this is important for America. It’s important to show other cities and towns that you can make a difference, you can stand up for what’s right.”

They’ve lost every court battle so far, while spending millions of dollars for the privilege of having their ordinances declared unconstitutional. And those costs keep going up.

A second team of lawyers submitted their legal fees and costs to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas shortly before midnight Monday The team consists of the ACLU of Texas, the ACLU’s Immigrant Rights Project and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Earlier this month, the Bickel & Brewer Storefront law firm submitted a legal bill of $850,000. The two legal teams are linked by the consolidation of suits and their combined bill submitted to the court as the winning party is now nearly $2 million.

Farmers Branch Mayor Tim O’Hare called the legal bills submitted to the court “a joke.” He added, “When we win at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which I believe we will, we won’t pay one nickel of this.”

Did I mention that they’ve lost every step of the way so far? O’Hare is actually talking about the city’s reserve funds in that story, which is just beyond crazy. I suppose some people just have to learn these things the hard way.

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One Response to Farmers Branch prepares to waste more money

  1. Martin says:

    Apparently to these hayseeds, passing unconstitutional and discriminatory city ordinances is “patriotic” and “America-loving.” George Wallace and Orval Faubus must be regular saints to these people.

    Rick Perry voters no doubt.

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