Noriega to deliver Democratic radio address


Rick Noriega, the Texas Democrats’ nominee to take on Sen. John Cornyn this fall, gets to deliver the party’s weekly radio address on Saturday — the rebuttal, as it were, to President Bush’s weekly address. Noriega is a state representative from Houston, and more to the point at the 5-year mark of the Iraq war, a lieutenant colonel who spent 14 months on active duty in Afghanistan.

His focus: a critique of the war, and what this year’s election will mean for its course.

“In choosing the next President, we have a duty to ask, what course will they take in Iraq? Will they commit our soldiers for generation after generation to remain there? Will they spend trillions of dollars more to police a civil war?… Or will they say enough?”

And it’s a very direct attack on the GOP’s presumptive nominee.

“John McCain is wrong on Iraq…. Five years ago, McCain helped President Bush mislead the American people in the run up to the war and echoed the Bush Administration ever since. Even the President admitted, McCain would not change a thing.”

The full text is at the link. I’m not sure what time this is done, or where you can hear it, so reading the text may be your best bet. And if you haven’t done so already, remember to vote for Rick Noriega to receive the Progressive Patriots PAC donation. He’s currently leading the field, so let’s keep it that way.

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