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Three more election tidbits

Tidbit #1: The city of Irving had its first election with its court-ordered single member Council districts.

Voters ousted one sitting council member and sent another into a runoff election. They also put two minorities on what has been an all-white council and rejected three out of four proposed city charter amendments.

Roy Santoscoy, who is Hispanic, beat sitting council member Tom Spink for the open at-large District 2 seat. Mike Gallaway, who is black, handily beat Trini C. Gonzalez, who is Hispanic, in the single-member District 1 race.


Irving is one of the most diverse cities in North Texas. About 43 percent of its population is Hispanic. During the voting rights trial, attorneys for plaintiff Manuel Benavidez used the loss of previous Hispanic candidates as evidence that single-member districts were needed to give Hispanics representation on the council.

Ironically, the Hispanic candidate lost in single-member District 1 and a Hispanic political newcomer won the only at-large race. Gallaway, who won the District 1 seat, is a 45-year-old senior inventory planner and owns a south Irving boutique with his wife. Santoscoy, who won the District 2 seat, is a former planning and zoning commissioner and owns a pawn shop on Irving Boulevard.

However the City Council got to be more diverse, the point is that it did. That’s a good thing.

Tidbit #2: The Republican candidate who lost the GOP primary runoff to replace retiring State Rep. Brian McCall, defeated the runoff winner in a special election to fill out the remainder of McCall’s term.

Mabrie Jackson, who pulled out of the race for state Rep. Brian McCall’s unexpired term, beat Van Taylor in Saturday’s special election, winning 56 percent of the vote to his 44 percent, according to Collin County’s election results.

That’s a little awkward.


Turnout was lower in the special than in the runoff or the primary, probably because both candidates were campaigning. And they weren’t campaigning this time because … it’s over. Jackson pulled out of the special election. The Secretary of State named Taylor the only candidate and therefore the winner, calling the result and ending the race. And Collin County let it tail out, counting votes in an already decided election where no one asked for support.

So…does that mean the election didn’t really happen? I’m a little confused here.

Tidbit #3: Juanita summarizes the election results from Fort Bend County as only she can. Check it out.

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  1. Dolittle says:

    Juanita, Ms. Bankston, no longer has any credibility in this community, nor can she be trusted. She has sold out to the special interests in our community to hijack the party and support known republicans while telling her own that they are democrats.

    “Finally, in Missouri City, where I have no personal or political stake at all, I was still happy to see that voters returned Mayor Owen to office by a pretty fair margin (57.7% to 42.3%). Owen, to my mind had done nothing to earn himself an opponent in Cynthia Lenton-Gary. Missouri City seems to be running well. If I were to fault Lenton-Gary in any way it would be her decision to let the guy who came in dead last in the DA’s race, Richard Raymond, endorse her in TV ads (yes there were TV ads).

    My advice to anyone who goes with Raymond to the dog track: let him pick the winner first, then go bet on some other dog, thus beating the odds by some margin.

    And also in Missouri City we had the 4-way race for Council-At-Large Position 2, in which Democrat Danny Nguyen won (OK, it’s funnier if you pronounce his last name correctly).”


    We can thank Ms. Bankston and her Richmond based club for a lost reform seat in MC, who happened to be a democrat. I guess that is what they call “eating your own”. She also backed a republican over Yolanda Ford another non-club candidate and reformer. Many locals are very angry with the Richmond women tampering in this election.

  2. Joe Murphy says:

    I am crushed to agree with Dolittle, but I must. We also lost a dedicated Representative (Dora Olivo) to Susan and Bev Carter’s “shenanigans.” Tampering with the election is too mild a phrase. I am deeply distraught at the behavior and distortion at what I saw in Fort Bend this election cycle, and yes, I feel a growing and enlightened anger too. It was beyond the pale.

  3. Developer Money says:

    Check the last 3 reports and see which special interest development company paid into this campaign as part of this special deal.

  4. Bev Carter says:

    Juanita is not a “Richmond woman.” Hell fire, Juanita is universal!

  5. Developer Money says:

    Check the last 3 months (hell the last 3 years) of ex-gop chair Carter ads, now fbd Carter and you will see the same links with her ads as with the 3 gop (delay types) they pushed this election cycle. Also if you ck the CFRs you will find the same clique financing this menagerie. We have turned this over to party insiders and will let them handle this. Getting this out through the progressive blog network is another avenue.

    Ms. Carter isn’t the most sued paper in the county for defamation for nothing! She worked hard to earn that title.

  6. dolittle says:

    Mr. Murphy is a democrat that has followed this since the start. Watching these two relentlessly attack democratic candidates for their republican friends doesn’t pass the smell test.