Macias still loses after HD73 recount

The recount in HD73 has been completed, and the result is the same.

The unofficial recount results in the Dist. 73 state representative race indicate that Doug Miller will be the Republican nominee on the ballot in November; Miller now leads incumbent Nathan Macias by a 17-vote margin.

A canvass will occur within a day or two to confirm recount results.

Miller had a 26-vote lead Tuesday after the recounts in Bandera, Comal and Kendall Counties; Gillespie, the remaining county, held its recount Wednesday.

Macias did not return repeated calls to his cell phone this week, but in a release, he said: “We expect the final canvass will occur within the next day or two, and at this point I am weighing several options with my family, friends and advisors.”

There was no change in Bandera’s results after that county’s recount Monday, according to election officials. But on Tuesday, Macias picked up one vote in Comal County while in Kendall County, Macias picked up three votes, and Miller picked up one.

“The votes were counted and counted and recounted,” said Miller. “The people have spoken; I won, and I think it’s time to move on.”

Miller added, “I’d like to reach out my hand to Representative Macias to make a smooth transition and represent the good people of District 73.”

I’m wondering if one of those options is to contest the election in the House. I’m not sure how that would work for a primary, given that Miller will have a Democratic opponent in the general election. Not that it matters that much, in the sense that any Republican will be a heavy favorite to win in the fall, but if such a contest doesn’t take place till the Lege actually convenes, then Macias would have to argue that he’d have won in November as well, and it could get messy. Anyway, for now, Miller is in and Macias is out. I don’t think this is over yet, but that’s where we stand.

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One Response to Macias still loses after HD73 recount

  1. WOScholar says:

    Isn’t it poetic, though. Macias and his Leinenger money took out a great state rep who had a mind of her own separate from the leadership and paid the price for it. Glad to see this come full circle so quickly.

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