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Weekend link dump for May 30

Happy Memorial Day!

Rest in peace, Navy Lt. John Finn.

Now that it’s over sniff, here’s what we all can learn from “Lost”.

Sometimes, the reason a rule is unwritten is because it doesn’t exist.

The Liberty High School (Seattle) Class of 2003 was quite talented.

“The empathetic corporate person”.

Joan’s grandma. What a great story.

I think the most awesome part about this may-or-may-not-be-a-sex-scandal story is that the candidate in question was jointly endorsed by Sarah Palin and Jenny Sanford. I mean, talk about full circle.

Apparently, freedom is positively correlated with the prison population. Live free or die, y’all.

Happy birthday, Brooklyn Bridge. My parents were there for its 100th birthday back in 1983. As I recall, in attendance was at least one person who had been there for its grand opening in 1883. How cool is that?

Dear Facebook: What Dwight says. Love, me.


Boy, if only Florence Foster Jenkins had had one of these.

Always remember, the battle over reproductive choice is about so much more than abortion.

It’s not just Rand Paul.

Behold the magic of the free market.

The advantage of playing in a domed stadium is that stuff like this never happens.

The business case for regulation and oversight.

What if the oil spill just can’t be fixed?

I don’t know what will happen with the FinReg bill, but if an end result of all this is that people come to recognize that Wall Street CEOs are lunatics whose opinions are worthless, that would be fine by me.

Jupiter has lost a belt. Check under the bed, that’s my advice.

Wait, so now Republicans accept that how the Bush administration handled Hurricane Katrina was a monumental screwup? Good to know.

Did you hate the “Lost” finale? If so, here’s some more things you’ll probably hate.

I’m getting the impression that “Sex and the City 2” isn’t such a good movie.

The homosexual agenda is finally revealed.

The sad lives of the “Diff’rent Strokes” kids. At least Gary Coleman will live on in “Avenue Q”.

Mitch McConnell, doing his best to make America weaker. It’s time for a buttload of recess appointments, Mr. President.

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