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“Bad housekeeping”

Patricia Kilday Hart, who is now also posting on Paul Burka’s blog, takes a whack at the maneuvering done by the Republicans, in particular David Dewhurst, to bust the spending cap. She highlights a point that I had not seen as yet:

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s pronouncement on the proposed state budget envisions setting aside $3 billion of this budget cycle’s revenue to be applied to promised tax cuts in the next biennium. This is an unprecedented action that sets up the session’s next important showdown. Senate Democrats are wondering aloud why the money should be set aside for tax cuts promised in 2010 and 2011, when no such special arrangements have been made for other important state obligations. How exactly do you set aside $3 billion for a bill that comes due in 2010-1011? Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, for one, thinks a constitutional amendment setting up a dedicated fund would be required.

Good question. Does the Lege have the authority to dedicate revenue from one biennium to a specific line item in future budgets? Maybe we need a ruling from Greg Abbott. I’d like to see how he answers that.

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  2. David Siegel says:

    Back to the Legislature: couldn’t they just appropriate the money to the Property Tax Relief Fund or even the Rainy Day Fund to stash it out of the way to make sure it’s there in two years to help buy Dewhurst the governor’s race.