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Beware the false moderates

Marsha Farney, the Republican running to succeed super wingnut Cynthia Dunbar in SBOE 10, was considered the more moderate candidate in the GOP primary runoff for that nomination. When compared to Dunbar, or to her hand-picked successor, Brian Russell, Farney clearly came across as the more sensible and less crazy choice. But as Martha keeps reminding us, that doesn’t actually make her a moderate. Let’s face it, being less crazy than Cynthia Dunbar isn’t a high bar to clear. The thing to remember is that there really is a sensible, moderate candidate running in SBOE 10, Democrat Judy Jennings. We have a chance to substantially improve the SBOE. We shouldn’t settle for anything less.

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  1. Ron in Houston says:

    Let’s face it, being less crazy than Cynthia Dunbar isn’t a high bar to clear.

    One of those very true but quite humorous statements. Well, at least it gave me a chuckle this morning.

  2. Charles-

    Thank you very much for the kind words! SBOE District 10 is full of people who want education, not partisan politics, to be the priority for the SBOE. In November, we’ll all have the chance to make that happen. Thank you very much for supporting our efforts!

  3. chasman says:

    i am working out in california for most of the summer, and when folks out here hear that i am from texas, the first thing they usually say in reply (this summer for sure) is something like “isn’t your state the one that had its history textbooks rewritten… erasing jefferson… extolling joe mccarthy… downplaying slavery… etc?” granted, i work in education, which from the viewpoint of many of my fellow texans casts a great deal of suspicion over me and whatever colleagues i choose to hang out with and work amongst, and i also know that many texans would pride themselves and our state for the degree to which we are ‘not’ california or californian, and that, in fact, a californian expressing outrage over something being done in texas must mean that whatever that ‘something’ is that’s begin done in our stella sola state must be sane, right, and true to all good protestant christian all-american moral standards. but the bottom line is our state is basically becoming not simply a source of laughter, but a prime example to the rest of the country and the world as precisely how ‘not’ to do things. or, worse, how to do things very dumbly, narrow-mindedly, and short-sightedly. and our sboe, right now, is our state’s most notorious and publicly discussed representative along these lines. in short: let’s please try and get ms. jennings elected.