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Being Hector Uribe

There are days when I truly love being a political blogger, because they give me a reason to take note of stuff like this.

Somewhere in Indiana, a man needs a date. And he’s using Democratic land commissioner candidate Hector Uribe‘s photo to try to seal the deal.

Just click over and enjoy. I’ve got a copy of the press release that Team Uribe, a/k/a Harold Cook, sent out on this. Have I mentioned lately that Uribe is my favorite candidate of this cycle?

News (of the weird)
From the Hector Uribe for Land Commissioner Campaign

July 5, 2010 (512) 731-2445

Even people in Indiana want to be like Hector Uribe
Facebook providing significantly fewer than six degrees of separation from people who aren’t Kevin Bacon

(Austin, Texas – 1,164 miles from Merrillville/Hammond, Indiana) Hector Uribe, the Democratic nominee for Texas Land Commissioner, could not have been more surprised when he recently received a Facebook message from a woman in Indiana, notifying him that a man there is using an old talent agency photo of Uribe’s on a dating website. In addition to being a former Texas state senator and lawyer, Uribe is also an actor who has appeared in several films.

The woman, who by coincidence is friends on Facebook with one of Uribe’s Facebook friends, randomly spotted the real Hector Uribe’s photo on her friend’s Facebook page, and she recognized Uribe’s photo as being startlingly similar to one featured on an Indiana dating website page she saw recently. She was surprised to find that the photo actually belongs to a candidate for statewide public office in Texas.

To protect her privacy, we’re not revealing the woman’s identity, but the profile page of “Man4All” can be seen here. And just in case “Man4All” gets smart (or, at least less dumb) and changes or deletes his page, we’ve attached a screen shot of it, as it existed on July 1. The real Hector Uribe’s website is here.

Apparently, “Man4All” and the real Hector Uribe share more than just a photo; they both like the beach. Uribe wants to protect Texas beaches, while “Man4All” enjoys going to the beach, perhaps to stereotypically take long moonlit walks with that special someone.

Texas enjoys over 600 miles of coastline, while Indiana appears to have about twenty-three feet, on Lake Michigan. However, it is unclear whether the beach to which “Man4All” goes is any more reality-based than the photo on his lovelorn profile.

Ironically, in his profile the man also claims to like photography. In this incidence, he seems particularly fond of somebody else’s photography.

“Lord only knows how bad this guy looks in real life, if he’s using my photo to look better,” Uribe said. “I don’t know whether to be flattered or to be creeped out, but I certainly hope he hasn’t duped anybody.”

A representative of the genuine Texas-based Hector Uribe will contact the dating website administrators later today to ask that the website user be required to remove the photo and start pretending to be somebody other than Uribe, but we thought we’d let others view the page and share a chuckle at the expense of this somewhat creepy guy before we do.

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  1. Brad M. says:

    I wish there would be a debate between Uribe and Patterson.

  2. Brad M. says:

    Thanks Joe.

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