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Friday random ten: One through ten

I finished my tour of the alphabet a few weeks ago, and it occurred to me around that time that there was a natural extension of that theme once I got through the Zs. To wit:

1. Going For The One – Yes
2. Breaking Us In Two – Joe Jackson
3. Three Babies – Sinead O’Connor
4. Friend Is A Four Letter Word – CAKE
5. Take Five – Dave Brubeck Quartet
6. Number Six Driver – Eddie From Ohio
7. The Magnificent Seven – Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers
8. Eight Days of Hanukkah – Orrin Hatch and Madeline Stone
9. 9:45 – Mieka Pauley
10. Ten Cents A Dance – Julie Murphy

As you can see, the number 9 almost defeated me, but I pulled it out at the end. Anyone have a song with the word or number 9 in the title? Let me know if you do. I’ve got two more of these lists to follow.

Entire song list report: Started with “Kool Whip”, by the Austin Lounge Lizards. Ended with “Lay All Your Love On Me”, from the “Mamma Mia!” soundtrack. Have I mentioned how much Olivia loves “Mamma Mia!”? Yes, I believe I have. That was song #2778, for a total of 60 this week. The last “K” song was “Kyrie Eleison”, by the Oni Wytars Ensemble. The first “L” song was “L – Y”, by Tom Lehrer.

Ripping vinyl report: Way back when I first got the USB turntable, Greg Wythe ripped a couple of albums for me when he had some free time. Among them was Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run”. One thing we learned from that experience was that we needed to set the input volume level higher than the manufacturer’s recommendations, or you’d get a very low-volume playback. That’s not such a big deal if you’re just listening to that album on your iPod, but in any sequence that includes stuff from other sources, it can be painful. So, this week I decided to re-do “Born To Run”. Initial playback in iTunes on my laptop suggests I got the level right, or at least I got it closer, but we’ll see when one of these songs comes up in the rotation. In addition to this, I also did one side of The Boss’ “Darkness On The Edge Of Town”. I have side 2 of that and “Tunnel of Love”, before I can finally say I’ve got all my Springsteen collection ripped.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    One – Three Dog Night
    Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night) – Carly Simon
    Three Time Loser – Bonnie Raitt
    4 + 20 – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
    Five Feet High And Rising – Johnny Cash
    Six O’Clock – The Lovin’ Spoonful
    Seven Year Ache – Rosanne Cash
    Eight Miles High – The Byrds
    Cloud Nine – The Temptations
    Ten Feet Off The Ground – Rosemary Clooney & Michael Feinstein

  2. Linkmeister says:

    Other Nine songs:

    Engine Engine # 9
    Love Potion #9

  3. You know, I have “Love Potion No. 9”. I don’t know how I missed it.

  4. !!Dean says:

    One by One – Enya
    Two Socks at Play – John Williams, Dances with Wolves Soundtrack
    One of the Three – James
    St. Nick On the Fourth in a Fervor – Ha Ha Tonka (from SXSW 2008)(
    Five String Serenade – Mazzy Star
    Symphony No. 6 – Tchaikovsky (yes, I totally cheated here)
    Seven Lonely Days – Petty Booka
    Eighth Lit Window – Rachael Davis
    Nine Ships – The Voom Blooms (from SXSW 2008)(
    10:1 – Friends of Lizzy

  5. !!Dean says:

    – John Williams
    + John Barry

  6. Steve says:


    Only One – Kylesa
    By Two’s – Yo La Tengo
    A Three-Legged Workhorse – This Will Destroy You
    4th Chamber – GZA
    Eight Five – the Magnetic Fields
    Six Pack – the Dirty Projectors
    Seven Days – the Fastbacks
    Eight Days a Week – the Beatles
    Be-9 – Versus
    Perfect Ten – the Beautiful South

  7. joe jaworski says:

    #9 dream – john lennon (from 1974 release “Walls and Bridges”)

  8. Eight was the tough one for me.

    1. No One Like You – The Scorpions
    2. Two Fat Feet – The Fiery Furnaces
    3. Three Strange Days – School Of Fish
    4. Twentyfourseven – The Small Stars
    5. Five String Serenade – Mazzy Star
    6. Six Months In a Leaky Boat – Splitz Enz
    7. Seven Steps To Satan – Luna
    8. Eight Ball – Sara Hickman
    9. A Heart Like Nine – Black Heart Procession
    10. 10:1 – Rogue Wave

  9. Modest Mouse, “Interstate 8,” would have been a much better choice.

  10. Andy Janes says:

    Grade 9 – Barenaked Ladies
    #9 Dream – John Lennon

    The only two 9 songs I’ve got…

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