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And we’re back

So you might have noticed that the blog was down yesterday. I posted about what was happening on my Facebook status, but the long-story-short is that my webhost moved my site to a new server but the data didn’t move with it. It turns out (I did not know this at first and became increasingly upset about it through the day) that the server the site had been on was having problems, and that these problems were the reason it was taking so long for my data to get moved to the new server, and why the original attempt to move it had failed. That’s all over now, and hopefully it’s not something I’ll experience again any time soon. All of the things I had set to be published yesterday are now up. I’m going to link to them here to make sure everyone sees them:

Fear of debating is contagious
Still more on the new school lunches
Six candidates file for the open HISD Trustee seat
Judicial Q&A: Toni Martinez Ingverson

Thanks very much for your patience.

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  1. Charles, I went through the same thing on my blog recently and ended up changing my blog host company because of it. When you think it’s about time to change your blog host company, it’s already too late.

  2. Tom – True enough. I’m willing to cut them some slack this time because 1) they really have been very reliable over the years, 2) I hate the idea of having to move everything, and 3) in the end, the problem was communication and not competence. But I will be a lot more sensitive to the little things, and will be prepared to search elsewhere at the first sign of a problem. Thanks!