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Texas blog roundup for the week of September 13

The Texas Progressive Alliance salutes the Houston Texans for vanquishing their nemesis the Colts in the season opener as it brings you this week’s blog roundup.

Off the Kuff concluded his legislative interviews with State Reps. Carol Alvarado and Ana Hernandez, and candidates Kendra Yarbrough Camarena and Brad Neal.

Bay Area Houston believes Rick Perry is the Insurance Industries bitch.

John Cornyn, best known as a rapist enabler, is busy throwing cold water on the GOP’s senate takeover chances. Just the other day, Cornyn was throwing cold water on Lisa Murkowski’s senate race. Cornyn’s just a cold, cold guy.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson reminds us that in this election season the GOP candidates don’t want to talk about the most serious issues and We can’t let the GOP run and hide from the issues that matter most.

The GOP would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and speak the truth. Leo Vasquez and King Street Patriots: PDiddie at Brains and Eggs is looking at YOU.

Justin at Asian American Action Fund Blog calls Houston Chronicle reporter Chris Moran a racist for questioning Harris County Judge candidate Gordon Quan’s lifelong residence in Harris County.

McBlogger takes a look at the debate over a Debate and concludes that it’s time to stop asking Perry to debate and instead ask him to answer for his failure.

Neil at Texas Liberal “Likes” Republican Senator John Cornyn on Facebook. Here is what people on Senator Cornyn’s Facebook page said when the Senator said he would be addressing a group of Hispanic lawyers. Many of the comments were not so encouraging.

Libby Shaw tells the tale of Rick Perry’s efforts to “spin” the unspinable – a $19 billion dollar hole in the state budget. Read the details over at TexasKaos . See her take in Watch Rick Perry spin his $18 Billion Budget Deficit.

WhosPlayin encourages voters in Lewisville ISD to vote FOR the two-cent tax increase this Tuesday.

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