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Endorsement watch: Chron for Weems

Score two for Jeff Weems.

There is one race for a Railroad commissioner’s seat on this fall’s statewide ballot to fill the seat currently held by Victor Carrillo, who lost to a challenger in the Republican Party primary.

We commend Houstonian Jeff Weems, the Democratic candidate, to fill this seat.

Weems, the son of a petroleum engineer, would bring both legal and petroleum engineering experience to the position. He would also bring dynamism and enthusiasm that does not appear to be matched by his Republican opponent.

As before, it’s clear there’s no comparison between Weems and his no-name opponent. If you want someone who’s well qualified for the job, he’s your candidate.

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  1. […] TV appearances (though he did participate in this Trib face-off video) and avoiding editorial boards as well. Basically, he’s hoping that the R next to his name carries him across the finish […]