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Weekend link dump for October 10

Forget gay marriage, what about corporate marriage?

Rescuing the baby turtles.

Has it really been 15 years since the OJ verdict?

RIP, Stephen J. Cannell. Heaven is putting together a team to greet you at the gates.

RIP, Nancy W. Kappes.

If you listen carefully, you can actually hear your constitutional rights being whittled away by the Roberts court.

The double standard isn’t that hard to explain.

From the “Who stole feminism?” files.

Who loves Wall Street? I’ll give you three guesses.

You wouldn’t think running on an anti-job platform would be successful, but we live in strange times.

Here’s some Halloween costume inspiration for you.

The Chamber of Commerce is using foreign funds to pay for political ads attacking Democrats.

What do we need? Infrastructure spending. When do we need it? Now would be nice.

Letting the estate tax cuts of 2001 expire would be a big help to state finances.

A public health model for dealing with infected computers is a good idea.

I might feel a twinge of sympathy for Mitt Romney if he didn’t so richly deserve the predicament he’s in.

File this under “Awkward Political Photos”.

The very intended consequences of the Affordable Care Act.

Krishna, Krishna.

RIP, Van Snowden, the guy who played HR Pufnstuf.

How procrastination works.

If I did this, I wouldn’t want to have to admit to it, either.

The Pumpple Cake. OMG, do I want to try that.

You know how the biggest and most vociferous homophobes often turn out to be deeply closeted (and self-loathing) gays themselves? Looks like there’s a similar phenomenon for xenophobic immigrant haters.

So is pilates okay, or am I going to hell for that, too?

Did Tim Lincecum pitch a better game than Roy Halladay did?

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