Disclosure for thee, but not for me

You don’t need to know.

Gov. Rick Perry said [Monday] that he wouldn’t release documents revealing investors in recipients of Texas Emerging Technology Fund recipients.


The governor’s office is told of investors in the tech fund applicants, a staffer has said. But Perry’s office has refused to release those documents — a stance he reiterated on Tuesday.

“The issue is there are private sector monies and private sector projects and things that are not to be made public because they’re proprietary information,” Perry said. “Or there’s private information that a private sector company is not going to make public because they want to protect that information.”

The issue of Bill White’s tax returns from the 1990s when he wasn’t an elected official is such a matter of principle for Rick Perry that he’ll chicken out of boycott debates. But information about public funds that he’s been dishing out to his cronies is totally off limits. Sure thing.

If you’re just tuning in to this, here is a great summary of the issue, while BOR has a roundup of coverage links and a statement by defense attorney Dick DeGuerin suggesting that it’s time for the Public Integrity Unit of the Travis County District Attorney’s office to get involved.

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