Endorsement watch: Civil district courts

I suppose I was too quick with the kudos for the Chron on their endorsement schedule. They still haven’t endorsed in the Lite Guv and AG races, in any Congressional or state Legislative race, or in any county races, not to mention most of the zillions of judicial races. They take a small step on that latter score today with ten Civil District Court endorsements, split evenly between the Rs and Ds. For the Democrats:

55th Civil District Court: Dion Ramos, the Democratic incumbent, was elected to this bench to fill an unexpired term in 2008.

113th Civil District Court: Christina Bryan, a Democrat, is a Harvard Law graduate who would bring 18 years of civil litigation experience to this bench.

234th Civil District Court: Tanner Garth, a Democrat, is the challenger for the 234th bench.

269th Civil District Court: Katie Kennedy, a Democrat, has 16 years’ experience on the civil court bench and 23 years in private practice.

281st Civil District Court: Donna Roth, a Democrat, would bring both life and professional experience and passion to this bench.

You can read these candidates’ Q&As here:

Garth (note: from the primary)

Q&As for Democratic candidates who didn’t get endorsed:

Shawn Thierry, 157th Court.
Ursula Hall, 189th Court.
Olan Boudreaux, 190th Court.
Bob Thomas, 270th Court.
Paul Simon, 295th Court.

Note that Hall and Thomas’ responses are from the primary – I have updated responses from Hall that will be published later – while the rest are from the general. You can see Q&As for the Republican candidates at Big Jolly Politics.

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