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Endorsement watch: And I hope for a pony, too

I am not surprised that the Chron has endorsed AG Greg Abbott for re-election. My expectation was that the newspapers would all endorse Bill White, Jeff Weems, and each of the Republican incumbents, and so far there have been no deviations from that. I am a bit surprised that they would expose themselves as such naifs, however.

Rather than picking counterproductive fights with the federal government, we believe the resources of the attorney general’s office are best spent on the type of activities cited above that have demonstrably benefited all Texans. We hope General Abbott follows that course and eschews political posturing during his next term in office.

I’m sure the next Mrs. Mel Gibson hopes he eschews making paranoid racist rants during the term of their marriage, and that the next Mrs. Charlie Sheen hopes he keeps it in his pants when she’s not around. I wouldn’t put any more faith in their hopes coming true than I would the Chron’s. How many more frivolous lawsuits does Abbott need to file against the federal government before they accept the fact that this – a partisan Republican with his eye on higher office – is who he is? They can support him in what he does or not, but hoping he’ll suddenly decide to stop doing it is about as productive as hoping he’ll switch parties and chain himself to the entrance at BP’s corporate headquarters while holding a “No Blood For Oil” sign. Who writes this stuff?

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