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Endorsement watch: Sweep

A clean sweep of the big five for Jeff Weems.

Weems, 52, who has worked in the oil and gas industry onshore and offshore, is bright, aggressive and attentive, with a keen knowledge of the various aspects of the business as well as an in-depth and fresh understanding of the commission’s duties.

It is hard to believe anyone could surpass his awareness and interpretation of the statutes governing responsibilities of the commission. He clearly realizes that a commissioner has a responsibility to the consumer, the environment and the industry that he is charged with regulating.

Weems wants the commission to better enforce its existing regulations, including those regarding air quality; order more inspections of well sites; address the issue of plugging the huge number of old abandoned wells; require companies to reveal a list of chemicals — to be kept confidential by the commission — used in “fracking”; and be more prudent in assessing rate requests.

Weems has a wealth of other ideas for making the commission function more effectively and efficiently.


The Star-Telegram recommends Jeff Weems for the Texas Railroad Commission.

Weems also got the nod from the Amarillo Globe-News (thanks to PDiddie for the catch). If it were about qualifications, this race wouldn’t be close. I just hope enough people read these things to make a difference.

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  1. Jeb says:

    Has someone compiled an online spreadsheet tracking endorsements in the statewide races?

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