Endorsement watch: DMN for BAR

I have to admit, I was not expecting to see any Democrats for statewide non-judicial offices endorsed other than Bill White and Jeff Weems, but I am delighted to see this.

[A]fter eight years of [Attorney General Greg] Abbott, Texas can go no farther down this path.

Democratic challenger Barbara Ann Radnofsky offers a viable alternative. She’s a smart, hard-nosed attorney who rightly suggests that the incumbent has done a poor job of picking battles.

Radnofsky, 54, ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 2006. Now, as then, she sometimes struggles to strike the right tone on the campaign trail as she aggressively argues her case. But she also immerses herself in legal issues, devouring details and offering informed proposals.


In this race, though, Radnofsky earns our recommendation. She’s well prepared for the job and would back off from battles the state can’t win – and shouldn’t be fighting. Voters should not give Abbott another four years to tilt at Washington’s windmills.

In the endorsements I’ve seen in other papers of Abbott, they’re generally complimentary towards Radnofsky and have been critical of Abbott for his windmill-tilting, as the DMN puts it. It just hasn’t been enough to push them away from the incumbent. Not so for the DMN, apparently, and good for them for taking a stand on it rather than hoping for something hopeless to happen.

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