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The best argument ever against the intentional walk

I’m watching a bit of the Women’s College World Series – I quite enjoy NCAA softball, which is a very different game than baseball. After UCLA walked Arizona State slugger Kaitlin Cochran to start the fifth inning and she came around to score, ESPN showed her in the dugout with the caption that she had been walked intentionally 10 times in the postseason, and scored 6 runs as a result. I’m thinking maybe that’s not the best way to approach her plate appearances, you know? Someone needs to tell Joe Sheehan about this, I sense a column opportunity for him.

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  1. Isn’t scoring in softball super-low? Heck, isn’t reaching base in softball a rare event? If you have a player with a decent chance of a home run, and to score otherwise you have to string together two or three hits, it might make sense … I’d have to run the math …