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Weekend link dump for October 31


Here’s my usual reminder about the Candy Man, and how he helped kill Halloween around here for awhile.

Extreme credit card makeover.

The asymmetry of responsibility.

The public knows a lot of things that aren’t true.

It’s your job to protect yourself from salmonella.

The primary problem with “Mallard Fillmore” is that it’s lame, lazy, and unfunny. The fact that it is also gratuitously racist and intolerant should be more than enough to keep it out of publications that like to think of themselves as respectable, but for some reason it gets graded on a curve.

Well, why shouldn’t she do that?

What Ta-Nehisi says.

I thought that with all the immigrant-hating that the right wing had moved past homophobia, but I was wrong.

Rethinking Jodie Foster. Never thought I’d see something like that get written.

Latino voter enthusiasm is trending up. Sure hope some of that finds its way to Texas.

Bidding a fond farewell to the Sony Walkman.

In teabagger-speak, “unconstitutional” means “stuff I don’t like”.

Maybe “Citizens United” was good for the economy.

Apparently, elitism is on the rise. Someone better alert Charles Murray.

I love a story about a spammer getting taken down.

He’s baaaaaaaaack.

There’s no such thing as a deficit hawk, but climate hawks are the real deal. Good thing, too.

RIP, Leo Cullum. You know his work, even if you don’t recognize his name.

“Halloween is the day when America market-tests parental paranoia. If a new fear flies on Halloween, it’s probably going to catch on the rest of the year, too.”

Where do they want to take us back to?

How the sausage is made these days. See here for more.

Not failure is usually the better choice than failure.

They play for keeps in my home town.

Just what the sugary soda debate needs, journalistic “balance”.

We’ll always have counterfactuals.

I don’t have any particular rooting interest in this World Series, but stuff like this makes me want to see the Giants win.

Leave Christine O’Donnell alone. Seriously.

Whether or not you went to the Stewart/Colbert rally, here’s all the misguided reasons why you shouldn’t have.

I hope this guy gets prosecuted.

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