What the polls said

Here’s a roundup of the most recent versions of the most recent polls on the Governor’s race, some of which include one or more other statewide races. We’ll come back to this and see how accurate they were after tomorrow:

Public Policy Polling, October 26-28

Perry 53
White 44

Dewhurst 54
Chavez-Thompson 34

Note: The Dewhurst/Chavez-Thompson result is from September. I’m including it here because there’s been so little non-gubernatorial polling.

Blum-Weprin, October 22-27

Perry 49
White 37
Glass 2
Shafto 3

UT/Texas Trib, October 25

Perry 50
White 40
Glass 8
Shafto 2

Dewhurst 51
Chavez-Thompson 38
Jameson 9
Gonzalez 2

Abbott 55
Radnofsky 35
Roland 11

Patterson 50
Uribe 37
Holdar 12

Staples 50
Gilbert 37
Donaldson 12

Porter 50
Weems 34
Gary 10
Browning 5

Rasmussen, October 23

Perry 51
White 43
Other 2

Texas Lyceum, September 22-30

Perry 48
White 43
Glass 5
Shafto 1

Dewhurst 47
Chavez-Thompson 30
Jameson 7
Gonzalez 4

Abbott 56
Radnofsky 29
Roland 4

Texas Watch, August 25-29

Perry 42
White 41

Going by the most recent results, the consensus would seem to be Perry by about ten points. I find it deeply ironic that Rasmussen has the narrowest spread, but that’s how weird this election season has been. I believe it’s a closer race than that, and I believe that overall the polls have told us a lot less than what they should have told us by now, but we’ll see soon enough. Feel free to place your bets on how things turn out in the comments.

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8 Responses to What the polls said

  1. John says:

    54-43 for Good Hair. White has run an abysmal campaign and the Dems will get swept again.

  2. Kellybee says:

    52-45 in favor of Pretty Ricky…he’s run a gutless campaign, to be sure, and should be booted out of office, but White’s campaign has been unimaginative and mediocre (the Mystery Fire at the voting machine warehouse won’t help, either).

  3. Cb says:

    Perry wins by 6, but some good news, the state house goes to the Dems 76-74 and the Dems almost sweep all Harris County races!

  4. John says:

    DB, you aren’t serious about the house??? everyone has R’s picking up at least 8 more seats

  5. Brad M. says:

    I think the polling reflects the # of Republican sheep in Texas with a finger that can press “R” rather than the quality of White’s campaign.

  6. Bubba at Shell says:

    Even “Bubba at Shell” can predict this one…Good Hair by at least 12.

    Never thought I’d say this but….Mr. White makes me almost miss Chris Bell.

  7. Patrick says:

    Rick Perry by 8 points. Dewhurst by 14 points. Abbott by 16 points.

  8. Mike says:

    White by a razor-thin margin. If you are reading this and haven’t voted yet, go vote!

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