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It’s a go for REV Eco Shuttle

This happened last week, but I didn’t get to posting about it at that time.

A vote by city council [October 27] caps the longstrange regulatory journey of Erik Ibarra’s Rev Eco-Shuttle service. Rulespassed by the council in August restricted Jitneylicenses to vehicles with 9 or more seats, effectively barring Ibarra from licensing any more of his Downtown, Midtown, and Washington Ave electric vehicles. Today’s vote allows the licensing of pedicabs and low-speed vehicles,including any new Rev 6-seaters. [Previously on Swamplot]

I’ve referred to this company as REV Houston in the past; I guess they changed their name somewhere along the line and I just missed it. Anyway, I’m glad to hear this and I wish them the best with their expansion plans. Hair Balls has more.

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