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Weekend link dump for November 7

Have we recovered from the election yet?

Blogs may have finite lifespans, but I have no plans to quit any time soon.

“A historic global treaty to protect the world’s forests, coral reefs and other threatened ecosystems within 10 years was sealed at a UN summit.”

The 100 best signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity.

How immigrants create jobs.

A truly awesome photo of the sun.

RIP, Maurice Lucas.

I sure won’t miss some of the people who won’t be back next year.

What exactly makes one a bad juror? Thanks to the Attorney General, we may never know.

From the Headlines That Write Themselves department.

Where the deficit comes from.

If you’re going to claim that dead people are voting, it would help if the dead person you cited as an example were in fact actually dead.

Where the Jolly Roger came from.

Now here’s an election that defied expectations.

Don’t mess with the man in black. Or his daughter.

Conservatives don’t care about the deficit, no matter how much they rant about it.

The view from nowhere.

We could learn a lot from the Dutch.

What’s next after this? “Mud Wrestling With The Stars”? Actually, I might watch that…

Gurning it loose.

The one thing I’ll add to what Ezra says is that if you think Democrats should have done something different, you need to specify what exactly should have been done. Don’t say “They should have focused on jobs”, say HOW they should have focused on jobs.

RIP, Sparky Anderson.

One more silver lining from Tuesday.

The next time someone complains to me about partisan judicial elections, I’ll remind them that you can never remove politics from the judicial selection process.

Valerie Plame, the movie version.

Mazel tov, Ezra and Annie. And best of luck to Jo “Supernanny” Frost.

Personally, I think Nancy Pelosi was an outstanding Speaker, and I’m delighted that she will stay and fight another day in the House.

LB = TP.

Okay, creepy.

From the Good Old Days Weren’t Always Good department.

In a just world, this guy would have a nationally syndicated column.

Some headlines speak for themselves.

What candidates should say online after a loss.

On bilingual polling.

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  1. […] conservative blog Lonestar Times pulled stakes.   The RightHaven Suits frightened them off.  Charles Kuffner tells us he has no plans on quiting. There’s been talk that blogs are over and Twitter and […]

  2. Patrick says:

    While I wish Ezra and Annie the best, his announcement is the perfect example of why some might think the “professional left” is out of touch. When you announce that you are flying to Spain because you have finally gotten your dinner reservation at El Bulli and “you go when they tell you they can come”, you invite that criticism.