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Endorsement watch: Early voting? Never heard of it

Somewhat incredibly, there were still endorsements being made over the weekend. Two newspapers finally got around to picking a side in the Governor’s race. The good news is that at least they picked the right one. First up, the Abilene Reporter News.

Big Country residents (and Texans in general) face an important choice Tuesday — return Gov. Rick Perry to office, virtually guaranteeing him 14 years in the office, or elect former Houston mayor Bill White to the post.

The Abilene Reporter-News advisory board recommends White as the candidate most suited to govern our state. His business experience, progressive views regarding education and conservative take on fiscal issues were the things that most impressed the advisory board during its meeting with him and investigation into his background.

A competent businessman, an entrepreneur, an energy expert and, yes, even a plaintiff’s attorney, White was successful in the private sector before going into the public sector.


In the face of Perry’s un-American secessionist statements, the flat refusal of federal funds for education rather than diplomatic wrangling, the Trans-Texas Corridor fiasco, an education system that has more than its share of issues, unaddressed immigration problems, a mandate for the vaccination of all Texas girls against human papillomavirus, an $18 billion to $21 billion budget shortfall, Texas Department of Transportation issues, Tea Party pandering and the completely unnecessary fostering of partisanship in a political game for political gain — Bill White’s curriculum vitae paints a picture of a candidate Big Country residents and West Texans should help vote into office.

If you’re wondering what “virtually guarantees” means, it’s because Perry wants to run for President. Because what this country needs now is another idiot right-wing Texas Governor in the White House.

And winning a special award in the “Why do today what you can put off till tomorrow?” department, here’s the El Paso Times offering an opinion about the entire statewide slate.

El Paso needs the big ear that is a governor’s.

Thus we feel a change in leadership is warranted, and we believe Democrat Bill White should be the next governor of Texas.

“El Paso will not be forgotten,” said the man credited with getting Houston out of massive financial straights by going over budget items line by line — and doing it over again month by month until the problem of money has been solved.

The El Paso Times also endorses Barbara Ann Radnofsky for Attorney General, and incumbents Susan Combs for comptroller, Jeff Weems for Railroad Commissioner and Jerry Patterson for Land Commissioner.

We especially like Radnofsky’s stance that legalized casino gambling should become law in Texas as a means of generating much-needed revenue, and that she would use her office to make sure a fair share of federal border security money sent to Austin would be sent here.

It must be noted that they’re not so big on early voting in El Paso, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by the EPT’s casual attitude towards endorsing. And again, at least they got it right. Eventually.

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