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Get ready for some Sharp-mentum

Towards the end of her column, Peggy Fikac reminds us that everything old will be new again in 2012.

Here’s the text I got from former state Comptroller John Sharp on election night, as Democrats were going down in flames: “Number one Democrat is Jim Sharp.”

Jim Sharp, a Texas Supreme Court candidate, got 37.25 percent of the votes cast in his race, the highest by a smidge among Democratic candidates statewide other than White, who got 42.28 percent.

“Not bad for zero money,” noted John Sharp, who’s got his sights set on running for U.S. Senate in 2012.

Putting the narcissism aside for the moment – was that really the most pressing thing you had to say at that moment in time, John? – this is a reminder that when last we heard of Sharp, he was tweeting his intention to run for Senate at whatever time there was going to be a Senate race. At least this will spare us all that tedious speculation about whether or not he will be a candidate.

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  1. John says:

    Yet another reason why Dems have no shot in Texas in the near future. Your top candidate is focused solely on himself. Please get new leadership in the state for Dems, this is just such a joke what terrible candidates they keep bringing out to lose

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