So what about that elections administrator?

Buried in this story about Abe Simpson Don Sumners, our new Tax Assessor, is this little nugget:

So, if [County Judge Ed] Emmett insists on putting the election administrator position on a Commissioners Court agenda, Sumners said, “I think we can promise him a big demonstration.” Sumners said his first call will be to the King Street Patriots, the tea party group that rooted through the voter rolls looking for voter registration fraud this summer.

It’s kind of adorable how Sumners thinks this election was about him, isn’t it? Here are three things to consider about this:

1. County Commissioners generally do what they want to do and don’t worry too much about what anyone else thinks. Outside of this year’s once-in-a-blue-moon loss by Sylvia Garcia, they generally don’t need to worry about what anyone else thinks.

2. Three fourths of Commissioners Court is comprised of members that Sumners feuded with back in the 90s, everyone except the newbie, Jack Morman, whose best buddy in the world is Steve Radack. So I guess there’s no point in Sumners going on a charm offensive here if and when the elections administrator item comes up for a vote.

3. Emmett received over 50,000 more votes than Sumners did, and unlike Sumners he’s not up for election again until 2014. I doubt he’s quaking in his boots over whatever teabagger revolution Sumners is vowing to bring.

In sum, I’m still not sold on the idea of an elections administrator for Harris County, but I sure do love a good pissing contest. This one ought to be all kinds of fun. In the meantime, it’s not too early for a good Democratic candidate to start raising money to ensure that this joker’s second go-round in county office is no longer than his first.

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2 Responses to So what about that elections administrator?

  1. Brad Davis says:

    Sumners is a joke, but the folks who work in the Tax Office like him because they know him. What the tax office needs is someone who understands technology to make the office more accessible to us.

    I really hope that the powers that be in the Democratic Party do whatever it takes to recruit the one Democrat who can win this race, and actually revitalize the office. And I hope they do whatever it takes to get this person the funding necessary to run this race – make it a target because it’s so important. Please, Please, Please do whatever it takes and recruit Loren Jackson to run for Tax Assessor.

  2. David W. Proctor says:

    Don Sumners is not a joke. Those of us who are employed by Harris County and work in the Tax office do not like him just because we know him. Like those who voted for him we like him because he has promised to reduce the cost of operating the tax office. He has a clear plan for making the process of taxation easier while improving upon customer service. He is a licensed CPA, and a registered Tax Assessor – Collector. Having served under his leadership I am not alone when I say that he keeps his promises. He is not silent when he witnesses misuse of tax dollars, and will not sit by quietly and watch it happen. He truely is a man voted in by the people, will work for the people, and is someone who has integrity, experience, and NO HIDDEN ADGENDA.

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