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Weekend link dump for December 5

It’s possible to be more excited about Christmas than my kids are, but it’s unlikely.

From the “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” department.

Disclosure is for suckers.

From the “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” files. Except that maybe there is such a thing.

There are no grownups in today’s Republican Party.

Pretty sure this will not be a topic they explore on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”.

President Obama receives a promotion, of sorts.

Thankfully, my parents have not had virus issues on their PCs, because giving them a Mac is not an option for me. Among other things, I wouldn’t be able to answer their questions any more.

This is how to deal with the federal budget.

Remember, the Republicans don’t care about the deficit. They care only about tax cuts for the rich. And making the world less safe.

The romantic comedy metaphor is amazingly adaptable.

Bob Moser read Rick Perry’s book so you don’t have to. Not that you’d want to, of course.

Some global warming news, good and otherwise.

Would it help if we privatized airport junk-touching?

“We don’t need more Buffy, just more heroes like her.”

Teabaggers can’t beat corporate money, either.

Lessons learned from a decade of tech writing.

From the “Funny bad ideas” department.

If ethanol subsidies do die, I may be forced to say something nice about the teabaggers. But in this case, it will be worth it.

Democrats, please take this dare.

Can we do the non-crazy thing on the Bush tax cuts? Probably not.

The hard part of space travel is getting off the Earth. Once you do that, the rest is pretty easy.

Why Tennessee and UConn don’t schedule basketball games against each other any more.

Note to trend piece writers: “Sex and the City” is no longer on the air. Please update your metaphors.

Why don’t we just call it Dancing With The Palins and be done with it?

What Dan Drezner says.

I dunno about “most influential”, but most overinflated sense of his own self worth, no doubt about it.

What the new school food law is all about.

Major congratulations to Ars Lyrica for their Grammy nomination. Well done!

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