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DeLay sentencing delayed

We won’t know the fate of convicted felon Tom DeLay (I do so love saying that) until after the new year.

The sentencing was scheduled for Dec. 20 but DeLay’s lawyers have a conflict on that date.

“It’s probably going to be some time in January,” said Gary Cobb, the lead prosecutor. “But that’s not written in stone.”

Cobb said court administrators are looking for when a courtroom is available.

The date has now been set for January 10. I hope that before that time Judge Priest has the chance to read Juanita’s victim impact statement first. Be prepared, Your Honor! Unless he gets pre-emptively pardoned by Governor Perry first. Well, technically, he’s not eligible for a pardon yet. Details, details. Anyway, DeLay will remain unsentenced a little longer.

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