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Still DREAMing

The good news is that the DREAM Act passed the House last week. The bad news is that means it had to go to the Senate, where good bills go to die these days. At this point, it may not ever get more than a procedural vote, which is to say a vote to have a vote, for which 60 Yeses are needed to continue. Seems unlikely, but that isn’t stopping its strongest supporters from fighting on.

More than 100 leaders from 10 states took part in a march around U.S. Senate office buildings as lawmakers scrambled to finish their legislative work in a lame-duck session and adjourn for the holidays.

“We are hoping for a Christmas miracle,” said Rev. Harry Knox with the Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church in Houston.

Rev. Lorenza Andrade Smith, a San Antonio Methodist minister, and Maria Antonietta Berriozábal, a former San Antonio councilwoman, took part in the Washington activities just days after their Nov. 29 arrest for protesting at Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s office in South Texas.

Knox, Berriozábal and Smith were several of the activists who called on Hutchison, R-Texas, to drop her opposition and to the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act.

Despite some needless speculation about what she might do, in the end Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has cravenly announced her opposition, despite having supported it back with it was a Republican President’s agenda item and the fanatically insane wing of her party hadn’t quite taken over yet. At least she graciously declined to press charges against those rabble-rousers who showed up at her office to try to talk to her about it. Beyond that, Lisa Falkenberg says what needs to be said about KBH. Enjoy your legacy, Senator.

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