The Skeeters have a stadium name

We now know the name of the stadium that will someday house the Sugar Land Skeeters.

Fun at the ol’ ballpark will now officially take place at….StarTex Power Field.

It’s named, as you already know if you work for this particular obscure company, for an energy retailer.

“There was great interest from a variety of businesses, but StarTex Power was the best choice,” said Skeeters president Matt O’Brien. “Their reputation for high ethical standards, award-winning customer service, and commitment to the community makes them an ideal partner.”

Financial details of the 10-year naming rights deal were not disclosed and the deal still has to be approved by the Sugar Land city council, which presumably will get those details.

Um, yeah. Am I the only one who thinks they should take the next logical step and call the team the StarTex Power Skeeters? Because that actually sounds kind of awesome. Like something out of “Starship Troopers”, maybe. Who’s with me on this?

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One Response to The Skeeters have a stadium name

  1. Linkmeister says:

    I suggest the “Sugar Land Delays,” named for the town’s most famous citizen.

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