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Weekend link dump for December 26

Happy Boxing Day!

Not all regulatory agencies need to be adversarial.

The US Chamber of Commerce is truly vile. Why any local organization would want to be linked to them is beyond me.

No sexy time on your Kinect. Yet.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to happen.

They guided us with science.

A fascinating look at the future of the tech industry.

“Liberals should take a page from the Tea Partiers and wave their pocket Constitutions around and ask, what part of regulating commerce between the states don’t you understand?”

Sometimes, the kids are more mature than the grownups.

The decline and fall of John McCain, continued.

I guess I should worry about my photos on Flickr now.

Testing the Chrome OS netbook. I’m jealous.

First they came for the Methodists

There’s a reason it’s called whitewashing history.

Who would have guessed that Republicans would be such flaming hypocrites about paying federal employees?

It’s been five years since a federal court ruled that the teaching of “intelligent design” was unconstitutional.

Good for you, Shep Smith.

We really are all alike in some ways.

From the “What’s in a name?” department.

Is a fake Christmas tree better or worse for the environment than a real one?

Choose what game shows you audition for carefully.

This is how you respond to a complaint.

Pat Robertson is now pro-pot. Whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing is an interesting question.

It’s a bro’s world after all.

A great waitperson is a joy to behold.

The NCAA really is a mess.

Some other big accomplishments of the 111th Congress, which tend to get lost underneath the really really big accomplishments.

Are you ready for some tax reform proposals?

If you need help explaining how Santa does it to your kids.

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    Re: Flickr

    I switched to Picasa back in September and downloaded my 200 photos from Flickr. T’was painless, except that they all show up in the Picasa album as a single folder titled “Imported from Migratr.” The tags and captions all moved properly, though.