Culberson versus wind

I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Rep. John Culberson is not a fan of wind energy.

In a video chat with constituents from his Capitol Hill office, Culberson said on June 10:

These people in the wind energy business have made their fortunes because they are subsidized by you and me, and the Democrats passed a big energy bill late last year that jacked up taxes on the oil and gas industry by about $14 billion and then handed the money over to the wind energy folks and other industries. That’s just dead wrong. We need to eliminate those subsidies. If they can’t make it in the free market – particularly with oil at $130 plus – the alternative energy guys can certainly make money if it’s a good idea.

[Challenger Michael] Skelly’s campaign brought the video to the news media’s attention today. You can watch the entire video here, with the quoted remark coming 20 minutes into Culberson’s presentation.

Not that Culberson objects to any and all subsidies. He sought $500,000 from Congress for start-up money for the privately funded construction of a John Quincy Adams Memorial Library.

I’m gonna take a wild guess here and postulate that Culberson has supported a bill or two in his day to hand some money over to the oil and gas business as well. I don’t have the time to dig into that myself, but if you want to ask him about it, you can do so via Twitter. Culberson appears to have become a fan of online debating, so you may even get an answer from him. If you do, please add a comment to point to it.

A statement from Michael Skelly is beneath the fold.

Congressman John Culberson (TX-07) defended the failed energy policy
status quo and argued against investing in renewable energy. The comments came about
twenty minutes into a June 10th webcast conducted from Culberson’s Capitol Hill office.

“The skyrocketing price of oil is the direct result of failed energy policies that John
Culberson has supported since the day he took office. Coming out against investment in
the renewable energy sector, which has encouraged job growth in Houston and helped
reduce our dependence on foreign oil shows just how out-of-touch Culberson is with the
people of Houston,” said Michael Skelly, wind energy entrepreneur and Congressional
candidate (TX-07).

“Why is John Culberson fighting so hard to keep our failed energy policies? In the face
of $4 gasoline and an ailing economy, Culberson is the poster-boy for ‘more-of-the-

“It’s time we send someone to Washington who understands energy policy well enough
to know it needs to be changed,” said Skelly.

“We can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and increase our use of clean renewable
energy, but only if we rid Washington of those who continue to defend the same failed
policies that gave us $4 gasoline and $140 oil,” added Skelly.

Skelly is a strong supporter of increasing all domestic sources of energy production, from
oil and gas, to renewable technologies. He recognizes that wind power and other
renewable sources of energy have been and will continue to be a boon to the Houston
economy, which has consistently been the world leader in the energy sector. As a result,
he is a strong supporter of the kinds of tax incentives that will encourage further growth
of the energy economy in Houston.

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  1. David Siegel says:

    How does Skelly feel about the property tax abatements handed out to virtually every wind farm in the state? Since they aren’t paying to support our schools, the rest of us have to pay that much more.

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