Where the SUPERTRAINs should be built

Via Infrastructurist, a group called America 2050 recently put out a report on high-speed rail corridors with the greatest potential to attract ridership in each of the nation’s megaregions. The full report is here, and the section on Texas and the Gulf Coast, which scores pretty well by their metrics, is here. The way I look at it is this: Taking a train would be faster, only a bit more expensive, and far less stressful than driving. It would likely be comparable in terms of cost and duration to flying, and speaking as someone who lives a lot closer to where a train station would be than to either airport, more convenient. Plus, no one touches your junk before you board. I would also expect that building a high speed rail network for Texas would also spur many of the destination cities to build out their own local transit networks more – light or commuter rail in some cases, shuttles or buses in others – so that it would be easier to make these trips without having to rent a car. I just hope it can all happen a bit sooner than 2050, so I won’t be too feeble to take advantage of it. See the Dallas Transportation blog for some related information.

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