Have gun, can vote

During the long debate over voter ID in the Senate, the Democrats proposed many amendments, most of which were defeated on straight party lines. Here, via the Chron, is one of the very few that passed:

18. Hinojosa – Accept CHL as a form of ID. Accepted by a vote of 30-0.

Clearly, the answer to Democratic concerns about voter ID is to ensure that everyone in the state gets a concealed handgun license. I don’t even have a smartass remark for that.

Inevitably, voter ID passed the Senate – the only question was how long it would take – so next up is the House, where the only question is whether Aaron Pena goes full monty and votes for it or not. Speaking of Pena, he might want to get a new drivers license, with a photo that actually resembles him, lest he wind up getting turned away from the ballot box some day. Harold has more on that.

You can be sure that a lawsuit will be filed over this, and before that the Justice Department will presumably subject the law to a review. While it’s true that laws in Georgia and Indiana (home of those devious nuns; and may I say “The Devious Nuns” would make an excellent band name) have passed constitutional muster before, it’s also true that Texas’ law is more stringent than theirs, meaning that it’s entirely possible that whatever line exists for this kind of legislation has been crossed. The legislative fight may be all over but for the shouting, but that won’t be the end of it.

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4 Responses to Have gun, can vote

  1. Al Clarke says:

    Why the disdain for allowing a CHL to be acceptable form of ID @ the polls assuming requiring voter ID becomes law? A CHL is a state issued form of ID much like a driver’s license or state ID card, and it actually requires many more hoops to jump through to obtain. I am not in favor of requiring ID @ the polls, but if such does become law I see no reason not to allow a CHL to be an acceptable form of ID.

  2. I’m not disdaining it, just marveling at it. I agree with you – I don’t favor voter ID laws, but if they’re going to be foisted on us, then the more forms of ID that are acceptable, the better.

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