What about Bob?

Chron columnist Jerome Solomon has a question for Houston Texans owner Bob McNair.

Texans owner Bob McNair, who won’t talk about the CBA negotiations, should come out strongly against a lockout.

Though he has pocketed plenty as an NFL owner, McNair has said on a number of occasions that he didn’t get into this business to make money.

If that is indeed the case, he should put his mouth where his money is.

If McNair was willing to take a stand in support of Brian Cushing’s dubious claim about the cause of a failed performance-enhancing drug test, shouldn’t he be willing to take a stand in favor of the fans of Houston who have supported his Texans for nine seasons?

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting. Whatever McNair’s feelings about the impending lockout, which is looking more likely every day, I doubt he’ll go rogue and express an opinion that might undercut his fellow owners in public. But by all means, fans should put pressure on the owners in every NFL town to get real and let the players play. It can’t hurt and who knows, they may even listen.

On a side note, I wonder what the effect of a lockout might have on the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority’s ability to make payments on its debts. Their revenues are dependent in part on stadium receipts, and if there are no games, there are no receipts. What happens then? Maybe someone ought to ask McNair about that, too.

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