Time for the Senate to go after John Bradley


Governor Rick Perry’s appointees to the Texas Forensic Science Commission are up in the Senate Nominations Committee [today]. Senators should use the forum to force Commission Chairman John Bradley to answer all the questions he’s dodged in the past – especially about the ways in which he’s delayed or shut down all the Commission’s activities after his appointment in 2009. The other commissioners who are up IMO have done a good job; even if I haven’t always agreed with them on every jot and tittle, I’ve never once thought they were acting in bad faith. That hasn’t always been true of the chair.

Bradley is a shameless, lying hack, who was appointed by Governor Perry for the sole purpose of obstructing and emasculating the Forensic Science Commission, primarily but not exclusively relating to the Cameron Willingham case. Bradley has fulfilled Perry’s every expectation, while making a mockery of what should be an objective, scientific committee. He deserves to get nailed to the wall by the Senate, especially by Sen. Whitmire. Please don’t miss this opportunity, Senators.

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