Bradley’s nomination to Forensic Science Commission may be dead

Peggy Fikac brings the good news.

It’s not looking good for John Bradley, the tough-talking prosecutor named by Republican Gov. Rick Perry to head the Forensic Science Commission – and not just because of Democratic opposition to his appointment.

“The Democrats are not going to vote for him, and there are two Republicans that are not,” said Senate Nominations Committee Chairman Bob Deuell, R-Greenville. It takes a two-thirds vote of the Senate to confirm the governor’s appointees. There are 19 Senate Republicans and 11 (sic) Democrats.

“He probably thought he could talk a couple of Democrats into voting for him. I don’t think he can talk four” into it, Deuell said.


If there aren’t enough votes to confirm Bradley, Senate leaders expect to let his nomination linger without a vote. His appointment then would be valid through the end of the session.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving guy. I don’t have any illusions that Perry will pick anyone better to replace him, but as he doesn’t currently have an election to win it’s at least theoretically possible that he’ll name someone a little less hackish. We can hope, anyway. Grits has more.

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