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Hillary Clinton to campaign for Obama

It’s a start.

At a press event held by Hillary Clinton about FEMA trailers out on Long Island today, I asked her about the campaigning she planned to do for Barack Obama between now and Election Day.

She said, “During the month of August, they’ve asked me to go to several states. But I’m going to leave it to them to announce. I don’t want to in any way get ahead of them. But, you know, I’m doing whatever I’m asked and whatever I can.”

Send her to Texas! And bring Bill with her! If Obama and the DNC are going to spend $20 million on a 50 state Latino outreach effort, one lousy visit to Texas by the Clintons isn’t too much to ask, is it?

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One Comment

  1. SouthTexasDem says:

    Why would Hillary come to Texas to campaign for Obama? His supporters hate her and think she and Bill are racists — why piss them off?
    Instead, Hillary should come to Texas to campaign for Rick Noriega. The Clinton’s are very popular in south Texas and could be key to voter turnout for Rick, as well as other down ballot candidates. Once you get south Texas to turn out for Rick, voters just might decide to check the straight party box, which would benefit Obama.

    There are a lot of people down here who are still hoping that Hillary will be on the ticket as VP. That is not going to happen. When Obama selects an older white man as his running mate (to calm those voters afraid of too much change), these people are going to stay home on election day. That would be devastating for Texas, as we have some extremely important races throughout the state. We need Hillary to campaign for Rick and our down ballot candidates. Obama can campaign for himself.