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Weekend link dump for April 17

Happy Palm Sunday!

Royal weddings? There’s an app for that.

The economist’s case for having more kids. We’ll stick with two, thanks.

Don’t get phished.

The next time your high-speed Internet service goes out, read this and realize that it could be worse.

New frontiers in animal husbandry.

Die, troll, die!

Run, Carl, run!

Apparently, we’re the third world country now.

You can’t out-shameless Bill Donohue. He’s everything a good Catholic shouldn’t be.

There’s a burger war going on in California.

“And then along came the War Between The States ya ta ta taaaaaaaaaah…And we lost everything.” (cf.)

Yes, “expansionary contraction” is in fact a contradiction in terms.

New punch buggies! My daughters will be delighted.

What John Cole says.

Insert legally meaningless disclaimers here.

Add “birth control” to the list of naughty words in Florida.

Happy fifth anniversary to RomneyCare!

Writing essays in programming languages. If there had been a BASIC entry, it just would have said “GOTO $Essay”.

The case for doing nothing to balance the budget.

A few words with Beverly Cleary on her 95th birthday.

“Left Behind: The Next Generation“. I can’t wait to see what they do with the Klingons.

Three cheers for geek girls.

What Sen. Dick Durbin says.

This is intended to be a factual statement. And rewriting the record after the fact does not change it.

I wish more women had had this attitude when I was single.

The President has never invited me to lunch, either. Somehow, I manage to solider on.

Who needs insurance, anyway?

What John Amaechi says.

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