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Amazon not gone yet

In case you were wondering.

Amid its fight with the state over collecting tax on online sales, had said it would close its distribution center in Irving this week, resulting in the loss of 119 jobs.

As of Wednesday, however, Amazon was still operating the Irving facility. Also, a hiring firm is interviewing to fill temporary jobs at the center, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Amazon confirmed Wednesday only that operations were winding down at the Irving center, and declined to give additional details. In a letter to the Texas Workforce Commission, the company had listed Wednesday as the center’s projected closure date.

Well, these things do take time, and if you’ve ever worked for a large corporation, you know how the best laid project plans often see their deadlines get pushed back. I wouldn’t read too much into this. Also in case you were wondering, one of the bills that would clarify the state law that says Amazon must pay sales taxes has passed out of committee and should get a full vote in the House. I doubt that will do anything to change their minds, not that this bothers me.

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