Weekend link dump for April 24

Oh, I could write a sonnet/About your Easter bonnet…

Hooray for Delaware!

The tax prep scam on the poor.

Your household and your government are not the same.

Among other things, Joe Arpaio wastes a lot of tax dollars.

So OK, police procedurals are formulaic. I like them anyway. Sue me.

Roy watches “Atlas Shrugged” so you don’t have to.

Standing up for bullies is now apparently the Christian thing to do.

In case you haven’t seen Tina Fey’s Prayer For A Daughter yet.

Sometimes bad PR happens. Sometimes bad PR is done to oneself.

Jungle love, it’s making me mad, it’s driving me crazy.

The Irish are not so lucky these days.

India spends 2% of its GDP treating diarrhea, the result of much of its population not having access to clean water.

Philosophy referee hand signals. No word on whether they use instant replay or not.

Winter soldiers and sunshine patriots in Wisconsin.

The carbon footprint of cannabis is higher than you might think.

Groo meets Conan. Hilarity is sure to ensue.

RIP, Grete Waitz.

The BP oil spill, one year later. If you’re not still mad about it, you should be.

Not so Happy Days. Slot machines? Sheesh.

From the you reap what you sow department.

You’d think Scott Adams would know better than the engage in sock puppetry, but you’d be wrong. And “dilhole” is a great word.

“Unsuck” is also a great word.

Could I please get a tax cut for my yacht? It’s a middle-class yacht, I swear!

The brains behind the anti-immigrant movement.

Calling all Freds!

More McJobs is not the McAnswer to the economy’s problems.

Apparently, the “Olive Garden Culinary Institute” is a sham. Boy you could knock me over with a breadstick.

This may not be the best way to explain the Easter Bunny, but it is the funniest I’ve seen.

What went wrong with cap and trade is more about dysfunctional politics than anything else.

Professional athletes taking paternity leave, today and yesterday. Via Linkmeister.

What Neil says.

Happy Krauthammer Day!

How about that courageous budget proposal from the House Progressive Caucus?

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