Bill to help oust Dan Ramos passes out of committee

Nothing unites people like having a common problem.

Legislation that would allow the Texas Democratic Party to intervene in the leadership dispute in the Bexar County Democratic Party was approved Thursday by the Texas House Elections Committee.

With the 7-1 vote, the measure by state Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, is eligible for consideration by the full House, but it hasn’t been set for debate.

Martinez Fischer said he was encouraged by the bill’s bipartisan backing in committee. He said he’s contemplating further modifying his proposal to address lingering concerns about loss of local control in the management of party affairs.

Republicans have shown interest in the measure because of a dispute involving a GOP county chair in East Texas who’s under indictment for theft.

A reminder about Dan Ramos, the current Chair of the Bexar County Democratic Party and the main target of this legislation, in case you need it. The bill is HB2752. You will note that one of the coauthors is Crazy Leo Berman. Republicans can’t get much more cover than that. I have no idea what the prospects are for passage, but any time you can get a bill out of committee, you’re doing something right.

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