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Weekend link dump for May 8

M is for the many things she gives me…

If Twitter had existed a hundred years ago, do you think Mata Hari would have used it?

I don’t understand men who do crap like this. It’s bizarre and it’s wrong.

Here’s yet another example of why candidates for public office need to make sure they snap up all relevant domain names as soon as possible. (Here’s the original site for comparison.)

I sure hope OFA has got it going on. The consequences of failure are too gruesome to contemplate.

The real death of the music industry. Buy more albums!

Here come the spiders. Hope that doesn’t creep you out.

Apparently, the President hurt The Donald’s fee-fees. I’m sure an apology is forthcoming.

You’ve got to have some kind of rear end for it to have its own Facebook page.

If the question is “will this make me fat?”, the answer is pretty much always “Yes”.

There’s always more to the story.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Internet?

The generation gap in the nudist community.

This about sums up the bin Laden situation.

Which pundits are more accurate than a coin toss?

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the case when I was a bachelor.

What vaccine refusal really costs. I’m thinking I need to make sure all my shots are up to date.

“The guy who hoped to destroy Western civilization lived in a suburban mansion near a golf course and drank both Coke and Pepsi products while urging his followers to blow themselves to smithereens.”

Ensign’s exit. What a coward.

Mac malware is coming.

Great moments in bra marketing.

More video games, less crime.

So just who is that Osama guy, anyway? Be that as it may, I think Atrios has it about right.

The bailout that worked.

So how about that Republican Medicare plan? You can just hear their campaign message for next year.

The most precisely tested theory in the history of science. But hey, it’s just a theory, right?

Sorry, but Roger Maris still doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

Has there been an autism epidemic, or are we just a lot better at diagnosing it?

Do you think these come on a stick?

Another casualty of the NFL lockout.

When will Rick Perry get around to the real legislative emergencies?

I’m sorry, but whose fault is the deficit again?

So, how did you celebrate National Train Day?

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