And the VP nominee will be…

Hope you’ve got your “Hail to the Chief” ringtone in place for that special text message from Barack Obama, because he’ll be naming his VP real soon now.

Barack Obama and his newly named running mate will campaign together Saturday at the place where the Democratic presidential hopeful formally launched his White House bid.

A senior Obama adviser told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Tuesday that the Illinois senator and his choice for vice president will appear in Springfield, Ill., at the former state Capitol where Abraham Lincoln once served.

The last time Obama appeared there he announced he was running for president.

Obama strategist Anita Dunn sidestepped the question of whether the event would be Obama’s first appearance with his vice presidential pick, but suggested the two wouldn’t necessarily be related. The campaign’s announcement Tuesday said only that Obama would begin the trip to his party’s national convention at Saturday’s event. The Democratic convention begins Monday in Denver.

“We could pick up the VP. any time,” Dunn said.

At which point we can get back to the usual business of not caring all that much about who the Vice President is, present administration excepted. For what it’s worth, I think Sam Nunn is a bad idea, I’d rather have Chet Edwards in Congress (and I don’t think anyone wants to spend the next ten weeks saying “no, not John, CHET!”), and I see no good reason to hand Evan Bayh’s Senate seat to the Republicans. Beyond that, I’m at peace with whoever Obama wants to pick. And may I just say, this may be the best comment anyone has ever made about the whole Veepstakes thing.

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3 Responses to And the VP nominee will be…

  1. Kent from Waco says:

    I’d love to see Chet at the VP. But I agree, the chance that this district would ever elect another Democrat is pretty damn slim. There’s just no one waiting in the wings that could possibly hold the seat. Although the current 17th makes no geographic sense as drawn. It was designed by DeLay in an attempt to oust Edwards in favor of a DeLay crony Wohlgumeth back in 2004. After the next redistricting I expect the’ll probably go back to a more normal district with Waco, Temple, and Killeen grouped back together.

    Same thing with Bayh for that matter. That Senate seat would flip Repub as Indiana has a Repub gov.

    That’s as good of a reason as any to pick Biden. He’s has a good long run in the Senate and would certainly know how to push legislation through from the other end of Pennsylvania Ave. And the seat would be almost guaranteed to stay Dem as the Governor is Ruth Ann Minner, a Dem.

    Personally I’m still partial to Clark or Richardson but they seem to have been dropped from consideration long ago.

  2. Patrick says:

    Ever since he endorsed Obama, my money has been on Bill Richardson. He helps in NM which is a swing state albeit with only 4 electoral votes, he helps with the Hispanic vote and his background as an executive (NM governor) and foreign policy also shore up Obama in those areas.

  3. cb says:

    All the hype has been too much. Whoever is chosen is going to be a let down unless it is Gore or Clinton-which it won’t be. Chet Edwards is too unknown and too much of a risk to run on a national scale at this time. Biden or Richardson would be good choices.

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