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Interview with Cris Feldman

With the recent ruling by the Third Court of Appeals that seemed to give validation to the “checks aren’t cash” defense, I wanted to see if my impression of the ruling was shared by anyone else. Towards that end, I had a conversation with one of the people who helped bring TRMPAC’s activities to light, attorney Cris Feldman, who represented several plaintiffs that successfully sued TRMPAC and its treasurer, Bill Ceverha, on the grounds that it had illegally spent corporate money on Republican campaigns in the 2002 elections. You can get some background on that from this 2006 op-ed Feldman wrote for the Washington Post shortly after Tom DeLay cut and ran from that November’s election. Feldman had some provocative things to say about that ruling and other related items, which you can hear in this interview I did with him, as always in MP3 format. Let me know what you think.

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