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Studewood highrise update

Swamplot and Prime Property give us a look at what is to come for that six-story mixed-use building that’s currently under construction on Studewood just north of 11th. Well, what may come, as Swamplot’s choose-your-own-adventure photo spread indicates. I figured this was as good a time as any to check out the current progress of the construction, so I headed over the other day with my camera. Here’s a view from Studewood and 11 1/2, which is Key Street on the east side of Studewood:

The Studewood Highrise, which needs a snappier name

That bell tower you see in the background is actually a cleverly disguised cellphone tower. That’s how we roll here in the Heights. Here’s the south end of the property:

Someburger in your backyard

In addition to whatever they may have as ground-level retail or dining on this property, residents will have Someburger, Da Capo’s, the 11th Street Cafe, Andy’s, the forthcoming Liberty Kitchen and Oyster Bar, Berryhill’s, and Zelko Bistro all within a block. Not too shabby.

Finally, here’s a view from 11 1/2 Street:

The rear view

The lot is not that big, maybe three or four lots – you can see the Stop sign at Studewood on the left. There is a little bungalow right next door on 11 1/2, and houses across the street. I have no idea what they think about their new neighbor-to-be. Given that they’re still working on the first story, it’s got a ways to go before it’ll be done.

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