The Women’s World Cup

I’ve been enjoying the Women’s World Cup this year. Being on vacation during the first week of group play meant I got to see more games than I otherwise would have. One thing I’ve noticed is a distinct lack of wankeriffic complaints about how the women’s game is so vastly inferior to the men’s game; such complaints are ubiquitous for women’s basketball. In fact, if George Vecsey is any indication, there’s an appreciation for the women’s game that’s quite refreshing. Maybe I’m just too casual a fan to notice whatever trash talk is going on, but even in that case it’s better than with basketball. Those of you who are more hardcore about soccer than I am, is this the norm?

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One Response to The Women’s World Cup

  1. Brad M. says:

    Women footballers are studs. You never see them diving or faking injuries like the men’s teams.

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