DA gets Jones case

What sound does a hot potato make when it gets passed to someone else?

The Harris County District Attorney has been asked to review for possible criminal prosecution allegations that Councilwoman Jolanda Jones used city resources to support her private law practice, Mayor Annise Parker confirmed this afternoon.

Shortly after the Office of Inspector General released a report last month summarizing its findings that Jones had used a city phone number, fax machine and employee time to run her practice, Parker said she did not believe Jones should face criminal prosecution. The alleged crimes are misdemeanors.

Since then, Parker has chaired numerous meetings of a three-member review panel advised by City Attorney David Feldman to determine whether Jones should face the judgment of her fellow council members. If the panel sends the matter to council, Jones could face penalties ranging from reprimand to removal.


The Inspector General, Houston’s top internal affairs official, referred the case to the district attorney independently, said Parker, but she does not disapprove of the decision.

“My concern once council member Jones started attacking the process was that it would make it very difficult to proceed” with the panel review, Parker said. “This certainly takes that out of the equation.”

The panel is scheduled to meet again Wednesday. Parker said she believes the panel should suspend its work while the district attorney’s office does its job.

All I know at this point is that this needs a resolution, one way or another. I wish I knew what went on in those meetings. It seems clear that there was no consensus, but was that a requirement under the new ordinance, or was it supposed to be up to the Mayor to make like Judge Judy and say how it was going to be? I have no idea. Whatever the case, it’s Pat Lykos’ problem now.

UPDATE: I stand corrected about one thing: There was consensus about the panel suspending deliberations until the DA concludes its investigation.

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2 Responses to DA gets Jones case

  1. Al Clarke says:

    This case is where it belongs now……………in the hands or purview of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. The review by and panel of council members, City Attorney, and such is a “kangaroo court” with no rules and procedures. The “we make it up as we go” certainly does nothing to suggest a fair and impartial proceeding for Councilmember Jones.
    Now her allegations of misaapropriation or misuse of government funds and staff – nice words for “theft” – are in an arena that has rules and established procedures for resolution. Councilmember Jones will “get her day in court” and then she can quit bitching about the unfairness and “last to know” comments. She may well have grounds for her complaints, but now she is in an arena she knows her actions will be scrutinized and the public will be made aware of what she did or did not do, and, more importantly, were her actions and those of her staff illegal/criminal.
    Hopefully, we will get this resolved before she appears on the ballot again.

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