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Alternate Commissioners Court map proposed

Via BJP, here’s an alternate County Commissioners map, with accompanying data, to the one that was proposed to the Court two weeks ago. The map comes courtesy of Sylvia Garcia and Sen. Mario Gallegos, whose stated goal is to ensure that there’s a real Latino opportunity precinct. As Greg says, it’s an aggressive map – I’ll be very interested to see what the electoral data looks like – that goes a long way towards correcting the retrogression that exists in the initial proposal. Note how Kingwood is put back into Precinct 4 in this map, for instance. It’s hard to say how open the Court will be to this kind of feedback – Houston City Council made changes in response to public input, but the stakes here are quite a bit different – but you tend not to get what you don’t demand in politics, so we’ll see. If nothing else, demonstrating the viability of an alternate plan is necessary for any future litigation. Somos Tejanos has more, and more from Greg is here.

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